More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth – Napoleon Hill

A major concern in people’s lives is ways of making money. People want to earn ridiculously loads of money, some are looking for get rich fast ideas and some are waiting for their big break. My greatest respects go to the people that have got the ideas and got up and did something about it.

Being one of the people that worry about leaving a great financial legacy, I have read a great deal of books on success, have attended a few Entrepreneurial summits and have tried some of the business ideas. This endeavour to find the big business has had its funny and sad moments. I plan to share them in this blog.

This blog will focus on the entrepreneurs from the greatest to the smallest, features on entrepreneurial tips and inspirational quotations to drive the inner spirit. There will be the odd ridiculous thing here and there to show that at least 5% of me is not all about money.

Lets mine our gold mines!

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