No One Is Coming To Save Us

Its almost Christmas!

Don’t you just love that? The Presents! Family! The Celebrations! The Decorations! The Presents! Did I repeat that? Yes, I did. That’s how much I love Christmas presents. Even God knows that I love my Christmas presents that’s why both my kids were born in December, one was born on the 24th of December, talk about getting your presents early. And so far, I have been lucky, Christmas time, I stress everyone about the stuff I want until I get it, even God knows I am serious about Christmas.

However, for this year, a colleague of mine sent a message to a whatsapp group that I am part of. This message was written as below;

To whom it may concern,
Gogo Gwena is a Traditional Midwife who stays in Mbare, Harare Zimbabwe. On 6th of October 2020 she was on the Issue Pane Nyaya radio show where she detailed issues affecting pregnant women that she helps to deliver at her place. She stays with her niece in a two roomed house.
Women with different kinds of pregnancy related complications come to her place to give birth despite her lack of formal medical training. She has delivered over 400 babies since the doctors’ and nurses’ strike started in 2019. Due to the exorbitant prices being charged at private and
public health centers, unavailability of doctors and nurses at local clinics and hospitals, Gogo Gwena’s place has become a popular place were women deliver their babies. More so, those who deliver at her place pay 20 USD or in kind. The majority of these women come from low income
families and usually do not have enough even for their upkeep or baby clothes for the unborn babies. For example, Gogo Gwena narrated a story of a woman who gave birth to twins but she did not have enough clothes for both babies as she never had a scan or knew she was carrying

This message made me pause for a moment, one Christmas some year I was in a hospital, having “complicatedly” given birth to the most gorgeous baby in the world, with love in my eyes, receiving awesome care and even got a delicious Christmas lunch, mum and baby were healthy because of the system. Now, here is a story in my country where some women are failing to give birth in functioning health care systems, they are failing to look their gorgeous babies in the eyes and some have nothing to give to the babies.

I realised I had to play my part, I can sing about the bad healthcare system, tweet about it and talk about it day in and day out but there is no one else who is coming to save us. I have to play my part. Its nice and easy for us to blame and talk about our bad government but why not do the little that we can. Are you aware that, you managing to read this article means that you are blessed than most, in Zimbabwe, there are many that don’t have access to internet, to smart phones, to more than one meal a day. Why don’t you and I do what we can because truth be told, *no one is coming to save us” we have to do it?

We are asking for very small donations. If you are anywhere in the world, please donate or you can please log into Takealot and buy gloves, masks, towels, disinfectants and baby clothes if you can…a pack of gloves cost as little as $10. Contact Humphrey Chiranda on +263 783 260 407, Annie Chasi +263 782 316 193 or Janet Madaka +263 78 616 6721 for where to send the donation.

However, these donations are not limited to new things, we are also asking for donations for second hand items that can go towards these pregnant women or their babies. If you feel pregnant women are not your forte, please feel free to send your donations to whichever charity you wish and we will deliver them for you.

You and I have been blessed, I have got the opportunity to have internet to send this message and you have the opportunity to read it. Let’s extend the blessings and the love, why not think of someone other than you and your extended family this season and let 2020 finish with a bang. Lets play our part, lets do what we can.

#NoOneIsComingToSaveUs supports citizen initiatives for change

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