I know not what the future holds

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that there is no greater man that I admire than my father. I used to fight with my father a lot (which I feel bad about now) but I think it was just the rebel in me that didn’t want to be improved. He used to tell me that he knew better and I thought he was ridiculous because at 25, I thought I knew the world and there was nothing that the old people could teach me. I don’t have much that I can show to the world as to what kind of man that my father was except a few letters that I am still figuring out how to publish, I will figure it out eventually.

In the midst of this, I met Mr Mutumwa Mawere, before I started talking to him I respected that he was a successful business man and just wanted some kind of mentoring to help me to the next level. I have discovered him to be a deep thinker and I believe some of the things that he says need to be immortalised. I might not always agree with him and I do fight with him a bit, because there is some underlying thing in me that don’t always understand older people. But I thought this needed to be shared with the world. This is an extract from a conversation between Mr Mawere and someone else, I am not sure if they want to be mentioned….have respectfully left their name out

Thanks for this frank and honest opinion. My wish is that when platforms exist, then individuals may be provoked to think and act differently. You will have noted that each group I may be provoked to establish speaks to a problem that cna be solved. If this is correct, then the people who choose to be part of it can give it character and personality. Your observation that people generally want to be led, is correct because it reflects the macro picture at the micro-level. When you look in the mirror you will see yourself as one of the problems like me? How many people wish to see change, yet they are not prepared to change themselves. Look at the FOSMM matter, I am sure you have learned things that you could never have learned but in the context of the bigger picture, you unlike Jesus’ followers who were able to record and share what they had learned or witnessed will wait for Jesus to come back and perform more miracles. We talk of what is wrong with Zimbabwe, yet we are blind to the micro problems that we give life to by choosing to ignore or refuse to take cognizance of. I always share threads because in each thread I see myself in it. Here you have a person who wants me to talk about poverty at the retail level. What would make someone believe that I could possibly be a doctor a presumed disease that some may call poverty. What I was trying to tell him that families and even love can never be subjected to tests. Either you like someone or not. If you do, then you have to get on with it. The building of families does not call for predetermined benefits. I have learned from many people one of the lessons I have learned is that vibility of a problem attracts solutions. What if we had used SMM as a case study to test balance, maturity, composure and compassion on the part of the governors and the governed. The organization has no appetite or ambition to reach a higher ground. It is you and me that can change the status quo if we choose not to be pedestrians or observers. Do you know how may people are so selfish that they would want something from a mortal and fallible human being? Are you aware that Rhodes never received mail in Rhodesia yet the country was named after him. Jesus understood the real problem of sovereignty that each person is endowed with the same rights to reason and of freewill yet it is real that you may choose to observe in a group and not see yourself as the reason the group exists. It is not easy to accommodate the ambitions of other people because none of us was created to know what the next second of life holds. We all live life in the present. However, if we choose to work together, then more can be accomplished. I am no visionary at all. When I first met you, I knew that you are a person of substance. You can see through bullshit and more. The person I admire most was General Washington who became a President of the USA. What he wrote to another person would surprise and intrigue you. He asserted that he walked on untrodden ground and any action or decision that he made was a precedent. The groups that I am part of are a barometer of what is reality. There are some who believe that a leader is someone who has travelled not in the present but in the future to allow him or her to take others where he or her should have been yet in reality the next footstep is new to all of us. The greatness is in all of us. We bring nothing to life that can make anyone of us exceptional. The truth of equality is self-evident to allow none of us to believe that we can cause others to think and act like us. You are someone I look up to and if you have not understood the message in the thread, then you are not alone. All I was trying to tell Tawanda is that it is not fair to push me to be the reason why something must be done or otherwise. I want nothing but to share the inisghts that I have freely benefited from others. My questions are meant to provoke, ignite and inspire others to see the benefit in critical thinking and positive action.

Mr Mutumwa Mawere

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