Do you have a Digital Footprint?

There has never been a time that you need to make noise online as the times that we live now. Whether you are looking for a job, you have got a business, you are a philanthropist or you are in advocacy, your online presence needs to be seen. You need to be visible. You need to be loud and you need to be heard. It is very safe to say that the age of the business cards is gone, I personally don’t collect people’s business cards, I have a tendency of losing people’s business cards, but what I do is, I ask people to send me a whatsapp with their full name. If they can’t send me a whatsapp, they can send me an email, the objective is always one thing to get their full name. And once I have that, I check their footprints…there are very few people that give me their full name that I don’t google. I google everyone who is interested in working with me or who says anything that I find interesting and any business that I get referred. Actually, any business for that matter.

I recently engaged with a few people on twitter and a lot of them told me various businesses that they were doing, when I googled these businesses, google categorically told me that it had never heard about these businesses. It clearly baffled me how people think of business ideas, put that to paper and just don’t consider registering a website, having a Facebook page or a twitter account. Investing your money in a business takes sacrifice and the one thing you can do to give the business a fighting chance is to register a website, website designers are no longer a luxury, they are now a necessity. However, if you don’t want to engage a website designer and you know your way around the digital space, you can create your own website, and there are websites that make the process easy, and You can easily customise any of their themes to suit your needs, there is absolutely no need to be invisibe anymore. Lately, when I want to check the soundness of a company, one of the easiest things I do is to check its digital footprint, its public records and its reviews.

Mind you, this is not limited to companies only. I come across individuals looking for jobs, they create a LinkedIn account and then sit back, go on Facebook rubbishing other people, showing a lot of behaviour that they know their parents would not want to see. So the question is, if you think your parents would not want to see some of your behaviour on the digital space what makes you think that companies would want to. When I had a managerial job where I had to recruit people, I would go through their CVs and those that I found suitable I would google them for further due diligence. And it is not unethical, it is a recommended procedure of doing due diligence so as a young man or woman looking for a job, you need to realise that you are now always on camera. There is nothing that we put on the internet that truly disappears. I would strongly urge you to create a website about you, that highlights your good points, put your portfolio and ask your former bosses to review and add that link to your CV.

I was talking to an author who has written quite a number of books, his work is nowhere at all except when you meet him and gives you his books. I asked him, why are you even bothering if you are writing for a market of 60 people that will come to your book launch and another 100 or so that will pass through a bookshop and hopefully, will come across your works. No matter how good a job you are doing, it is pointless if you are doing it in the dark, you know you are doing a good job but no else does.

Tell the world what you are doing, show them and make noise about it until they listen. It is no longer a question of whether you want to join the digital space or not anymore, its more a question of how to join it and make an impact.

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