Introducing Linda Chikerema: The woman behind IGNITE.


I have this awesome friend of mine who doesn’t want her drum beaten more than the message that she wants to spread around. She has accomplished so much but she is the most down to earth, chilled person I know. She is the editor of a magazine called Ignite, please click this link to download the magazine, she did me the honour of asking me to edit. The magazine focuses on igniting the passion of Christ that we might have forgotten, igniting the love for ourselves as women and igniting that brain to give us more. As well as being a magazine editor, she has also written three books that are selling on Amazon namely The Holy Spirit and The Wife and House of Stones. She is the embodiment of an ignited woman.. I cannot do her justice by speaking for her, below is a little bio from her, verbatim

‘I grew up in Zimbabwe, very ambitious, i thought i could conquer the world, at 17 found myself in Melbourne Australia. I thought attaining an education was the answer to life.  I had watched the televangelists on spreading the gospel and it was now my time to take advantage of my new found freedom and experience what it meant being born again. and i surely wanted more than what my traditional church had offered me. For the next 5 years, i went through a roller coaster of life defining events. Yes i was now professing to be a born again believer but i didn’t know that part of the package including the gift of walking with the holy Spirit. After spending four years in England, and getting tired of the high paced life, i found refugee in the desert literally! Namibia became my home. It was in this country that i had my first encounter with the Holy spirit. My life literally changed overnight, from that day in January of 2012, i entered the school of the Holy Spirit. I understood my identity as a daughter, and i had been created for purpose. Through the next eight years, in my closet God would reveal himself and birthed this passion in me to see other women experience true intimacy with their Creator. Ignite, the regional ministry was born as a response to prepare and equip Southern Africa and Africa on godly centered principals for daily living.  I am a Wife, a mum, a sister but most of all a daughter of the most High God.

I have been working in the development sector for the past 13 years training women, youth and pastors on subjects such as project management, good governance, strategic planning and leadership etc. Aligning your life to the purpose of God takes humility, submission, time, skill and virtue, the world around us is evolving, but the instructions in the word of God still remain. What separates individuals is our ability to enjoy the company of the Holy Spirit! For me the Holy spirit is not just voices in my head but he is a reality. I have made that my life calling to teach and prepare women on Biblical womanhood and living life from the axis of God’s will – purpose centered! I do believe the Lord Jesus is coming and this people should be prepared.’

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