The App Every Entrepreneur Should Know

I think if you are not willing to spend money on your business growth or your own growth then you are not ready for the next level. And if you are going to spend money on Apps, I would highly recommend that you buy LivePlan. This is an App that all my dreams are made of and it can make life really easy for an entrepreneur. What does a true entrepreneur who has an idea need? They need a plan for their business and LivePlan does this job well.

For starters, it has over 500 templates to choose from that will make any business plan look professional. You know what they say, first impressions count and it wins hands down against any other business plan apps. Click on this button to download a free sample. They have samples for a lot of things that you can come up with and their monthly plain is only $20 a month should you be interested. It has an easy step by step process of how to write a business plan. The bold letters are headings which are usually preloaded but the small caps are the sub-headings that you make bespoke to what your proposal is about.

Financial Plan is enough reason for me to say use LivePlan, because its model is unlike for any other apps I have come across. It uses your assumptions and projections to give you a well detailed, bankable financial plan that can make business plan demagogues salivate. With their financial plan built in, you don’t need to spend a fortune with finance modellers because it does the job well and gives accurate figures depending with your assumptions.

It also also allows for storytelling via video, which does wanders for the lazy investors who do not want to read large business plans to get to the point but would just rather listen to it or view a 5 minutes slideshare. Someone recently told me that pen to paper is dead, to get audience we now need to concentrate on visuals or audio., LivePlan caters for this beautifully with its LivePlan Pitch, this is perfect for capturing an audience who would ordinarily be bored with just listening to you.

I highly recommend LivePlan and I can definitely disclose that I am not being paid by Liveplan for this opinion.

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