I want to report the police

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to travel to some far away place and because I knew I was not going to come back in one night, I asked my sister to come and sleep over and take care of my children. My sister did that beautifully and then when I arrived home today, she decided to run a few errands and then head back to her place. Within an hour of leaving my place, she called me to say that burglars had broken into her place. I, immediately, made plans to go to her place, on my way to her place, she said that she was now at the police. She was at Malbereign Police Station, speaking to a police man called Bvunzawabaya, slight build and light in complexion. I listened in to what the Police officer was saying and this was the gist of it.

Due to Covid, they have no police officers that can attend to crime scenes but should she want help in the future, there are neighbourhood watch groups that work with the police that she can possibly be a part of. So she can pay some $10 per month for their fuel and they will help. My sister then said, but for now, the buglars are prowling their area that if the police can be vigilant to patrol the area, they will surely catch them as a few houses in the area have been broken into in the last days. The police officer pointed out, they didn’t have cars, motor bikes or even bicycles to do such a job. Then, my husband intervened and said that he understood the situation but for today, we have two cars outside can we get one police officer to attend the crime scene. The police officer said that it was useless as the crime happened last night and my sister only noticed this after midday so whatever kind of evidence that was there is obviously gone, we suggested how about getting fingerprints on the scene wouldn’t that help their crime database to be on the lookout if such cases ever appear again, he said it was too late in the day and obviously the fingerprints had now been tempered with so there was no point. My husband then blew a gasket and told the police officer that he was useless, that we had wasted fuel going to the police since the guy clearly didn’t want to help. The police officer told my husband that we should leave since that was the opinion. My husband and my sister left the room and that’s when I asked if that was the correct method of handling a victim whose stuff has been stolen, that he could tell us to leave.

Another police officer came and told me that our conduct was wrong and he could throw me in jail, I asked him what I had done since I was just expressing my opinion on their bad conduct to victims. Another police man came in and they were now three of them telling me that I had no right to speak to them the way I was doing, that my sister has got a house but she decides to leave the house and go sleep elsewhere, who does she expect will take care of her house. I told them that I had a right to an opinion and them intimidating me was not going to help. One of them took some documents and said, lets lock her in, she can say all these opinions from inside the cell, that’s when I told them that the right to an opinion is a God given right that I don’t need a constitution to know whether I was right or wrong to express an opinion. They eventually told me that even if I was educated, that was not going to help me behind bars since its a Saturday. I eventually left.

This is is whats pissing me off, I feel the police behaviour was terrible, they abused their power and they need to be brought to order. Because I think the one way for any country to see investors coming in, is if they are vigilant about protecting ownership rights. If the police officers that are supposed to uphold the law cannot be bothered to protect these ownership rights. Then what’s our future like?

I need to know how do I contact the ombudsman in Zimbabwe, I don’t think this is right. And the police officers need to do better, their job is to uphold the law and neutralise potentially explosive situations, but they are fueling these situations by intimidating civilians.

I am pissed as hell.

3 thoughts on “I want to report the police

  1. I’m super sorry about how you were treated by the officers in question and also for your sister’s stolen goods. It is without doubt that policing in Zimbabwe has been very bad since time immemorial. The police offers, if not all lack professionalism in handling cases, doing a follow up or investigating. My advice, is to look for their superior in that area and lodge a complaint. If that does not yield anything concrete then proceed to their HQ. Good thing is you described one of the officers in question vividly and you know their names. You also should have taken his force number that would have been good in assiting whoever is going to handle this case.


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