Lessons learnt from a telephonic conversation with Mr Mutumwa Mawere

“No man is an Island, you are because I am and l am because you are”

Mutumwa Mawere


1873 network is a member based group to promote, provoke, inspire the conversions of connections to communities of shared values and interests Using radio as an Accelerator with only 500 rand per annum and if you like me are in dire need of mentorship, add a 100 rand annual fee which is an investment in these Uncertain time. Janet Madaka shared a story in one group in which she and I were a part of. And the moment she mentioned being a part of such a group with Mutumwa Mawere I did not waste time I quicky became a part of it without wasting time. I personally believe in walking with a man with an experience than a man Without. l remembered how Mark Zuckerberg proposed his idea of Facebook and was turned down by people he trusted by people he thought was his friends and would quickly dismiss his idea, I’m sure they are living to regret it now.

Feedback is always needed whenever you engaging into something new, hence Mr Mawere contacted me to ask me how I was seeing the platform which l quickly replied that from the day l joined l gladly announced so far so good, though l was busy recruiting people l know and they needed order they wanted to come to a polished platform. Immediately he reprimanded me from using the word recruiting and simply told me to Share a Story people are usually moved , motivated by stories simply shared in laymen’s language and I’m doing it now. A great man whom l regard Once said

” If Someone presents to you an opportunity to be part of something, sometimes take a Great Leap of faith and seek for Understanding later”

For we all have twenty fours a day and how you spend it matters, and never leave to do things tomorrow that can be done today, what if tomorrow never comes?

Come join us https://www.1873network.com/chat/#initiated

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