Big Dreams Challenge Me

“We’ll be on, and we will cover the end of the world, live, and that will be our last event….and when the end of the world comes, we’ll play ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ before we sign off.”

Ted Turner

On 1 June 1980, Ted Turner said this at the launch of CNN and I must say that 40 years later, they are still on and it looks like they are keeping the promise. I did some research and apparently, there is actually a Doomsday video that’s kept in the CNN archives that will be played on Doomsday. I wander how many times it has been looked at, in this Covid Virus year. One would make you wander, what is so special about Ted Turner that he can envision such a big dream, that he sees his legacy beyond decades, beyond him to the end of the world. This becomes even more fascinating when I observe human interactions.

The other day I went on Facebook and someone challenged me when I said that a business that can enrich you is one where you see a need, have a solution and have a passion enough to write a business plan and see your business idea go through all kinds of slumps whilst you stick it out. She told me that she had enough money to dabble in a lot of things and be a success at it. I then asked her what kind of business she was into, she said that she had a main job then on the side she does poultry and also does mushroom. I respectfully told her then we were not speaking the same language because if she is still talking about an employer, a small chicken production of 200 chickens every 6 weeks and 10kgs of mushrooms per month, then we were on totally different platforms. I told her that I was talking to people that have a Challenge The Giants mentality…one who says, I am going to challenge Irvines (Irvines is a big chicken producer in Zimbabwe) or being the mushroom producer who distributes to the whole nation. After further conversing, we eventually came to an understanding.

But this is my issue, what makes others able to see beyond the small things in front of them to being giants, whilst others are very willing to stay small. And why do we have Facebook groups that are willing to encourage such kind of thinking…..there are groups that actually have a Side Hustle day. Honestly??? Advertise your side hustle? What kind of people are we grooming as a society? Are we then surprised when we end up being an economy of informal traders with everyone selling two packets of tomatoes?

I must say that I find this quite disappointing because I generally think that given an opportunity to dream, you might just as well dream big. Given an opportunity to eat a dog, you might just as well eat a bulldog.

Is it me or do we as a people just don’t understand the idea of life? Life is to be lived, hard! We only get one shot at this and we need to make it count. I wish I could shake all the quiet people in a room when given the chance to talk and I could beat everyone to the dance floor when given the chance to dance.

If you are going to build a business, build a business that you believe will outlive you. If Ted Turner can see this clearly from his mind’s eye, what is stopping you?


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