I am not the Top Dog Anymore

“Mummy, where is your dad?” Izzy asked

“My dad is in heaven” I replied

“Heaven. Where is heaven?” Izzy countered.

“It’s up there.” I pointed upwards

“You mean he is in Space?” She asked incredulously

“Not in space, it’s above space”

“Was he going to the moon?” Izzy asked getting more and more animated with the conversation.

That’s a conversation I had with my 4 year old daughter yesterday. Like every other parent, I am biased, I think my kids are the smartest. But truth be told though, my kids inspire me. They have a “can do” attitude that I aspire to have, they wake up at 7:00am every day and they are ready to take on the world. Nothing is impossible to my kids, they believe they can get anything they want in the world…..as long as they make enough noise.

I don’t believe that there is a parent who likes noise and these little kids know it, they are so manipulative. My kids are the worst, because I work from home, I need the noise to go down fast, so they know that one tear here and then, opens doors. And they do this because they know their mum. Imagine if the whole world was like this, everyone of us knowing what we want from life then with such concentrated effort making enough noise that we don’t quiet down until doors are opened. It does sound idealistic because as adults, we have been taught that noise is not good, we have learnt that noise is annoying. But what if this is actually the lesson we need, doors don’t open just because we knock, they open when we bang on them. Is it possible that everyone is knocking quietly on the door and being as courteous as possible, to make sure that they don’t disturb anyone. But honestly speaking, how often do we hear soft knocks when we are on the other side of the house? And at the same time, how do we expect our soft knock to be heard among many other soft ones that are also at the same door. We need to learn to make noise about what we want, we need to be loud, we need to be heard….and hopefully, opportunity will get irritated and come and open for you.

Then, the other day, Penny, my two year old asked me to go and get her food. When I got to the kitchen, I got distracted and she found me on the phone, she said, “Mummy, what are you doing instead of getting me food?” I did a double take, had I just been told by a two year old that I was wasting her precious time. What nerve! But guess what, I quickly got rid of the phone and made the food for her highness. Sometimes, I just have to admit that I am not the top dog in my life anymore, my kids are.

In the natural order of things, I would rather sleep all day long and watch tv all day long. That’s as basic as I am. But because of those two, tv is a luxury…other than the fact that they hog it, there is just no time because they need their bread. I used to have a small bag that was always packed because I liked the unpredictability of life, you just never know what life might throw. But I can safely say that since I have had kids, I have since bought very big suitcases and gave away the small bag. Every trip is planned, is detailed and has a proper itenary. They are my bosses and I do what they require of me.

I was a late bloomer but if there is one thing that these bosses have given me, is focus. They have given me a vision and I think I am more sure of the direction that I need to take. Do I need better bosses than these? No. They make me think hard, they give me direction and they make me better.

PS: I have just been told, “Mama, you are my best friend” I am about to be manipulated.

2 thoughts on “I am not the Top Dog Anymore

  1. Her highness asked why you’re on the phone instead of making her food 😂😂😂. They sound like smart lovely kids.
    I’ve watched my friends kids run their lives, apparently it’s supposed to go like that.


    1. I am biased….I kind of think that my kids are. But they are quite colourful…..yes, kids will run your life (but its awesome though). Its one of those things that you don’t know was missing until you have them….then its like an “aha’ moment.


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