The Power of Mutuality: My Story

In my quest to become a CFA Charterholder, I have often had to spend long hours of studying with my cousin, who is way much older than me and absolutely brilliant. So one night we were studying and I was failing to grasp some concept, this is very late into the night after a long day of studying, we had sat on the chairs, we had sat on the table, we had sat on the couches, we were exhausted but the exam was coming and we had no choice but to study. So we are now standing together looking at the graph and then he said,

“Mainini, we need to start from one point, this is Economics and what do we know about Economists”.

I said, “What?”

He said, “Economists get excited whenever they see two lines crossing. This means something is happening and it needs to be explained.”

He didn’t put it exactly like that, he said it in a graphic way that implied Economists seeing naked women running around. My first thought was, isn’t this a bit too graphic to be coming out of your mouth to me. (I sincerely hope this story will never get back to him). After a moment, I shook myself out of this and went on to understand the theory. Many years later, I am forced to ponder as to what that really meant because honestly, isn’t there something exciting that happens at any point of intersection, a point of mutual understanding, a point of meeting minds. Lets look at life in general;

  1. Woman and man meet, a child is born, isn’t that exciting, I can honestly never get over the idea of a child being born, to me that is the most amazing thing ever. Yes, I understand the biology, but hey, this is an actual talking being, who thinks, reasons, argues and can change lives because two people met.
  2. Steve Jobs and Steve Worzniack meet and Apple is born. Yes, this is going to sound like a cliche but hey, this is Apple, the smartness, the sleekness and the sophistication, it makes me shiver to think what minds can do when they intersect.
  3. On the Connections to Communities initiatives platform I am on, I was talking to someone privately and she told me that, in their community, dams were getting silted, so the connections rounded each other up in the diaspora and they are fixing the problem without any assistance from the government. They could have sat there and whined about their cattle dying of thirsty, could have made noise on twitter about their cause and even if brave enough have walked into the Permanent Secretary’s office and demanded that the government do something. But they decided to be proactive, to stop whining, to stop time wasting ideas and get the job done. These kind of stories are basically #goals for me.
  4. Then lets look at the current buzz phrase, collaborative consumption…this phrase is being used many a time to start the current trend of TechHubs, Innovation Hubs and Incubation techs. We are consuming together digitally, we have the same agenda, we might as well enjoy this together.

There is power in mutual goals and mutual understandings. Amazing things are done.

So what is your role in all this; you need your goals to be heard, you need to identify other people of mutual understanding and do something amazing together.

“Be The Voice of Your Own Voice”

Mutumwa Mawere

I am ethically not allowed to quote that quote as my original but I was quite tempted.

PS: I am not yet a Charterholder, got married, had 2 kids after passing level 2, so its a quest.

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