Converting Connections To Communities

On the 4th of June, I wrote a blog entitled Is Your Social Network helping your grow your business so I challenged myself that I was going to practice what I preach. Then last week Wednesday, I went on twitter and sent Mr Mutumwa Mawere a private message. He responded, I actually thought it was an auto-response because I didn’t believe that a man with 64 000 followers on Twitter and 34 000 followers on LinkedIn would actually send me a message, this was around 8pm at night, and I didn’t understand what he was saying…thats why I thought it was an auto-response. The next day around 12pm, he sent me a whatsapp group invite…..I didn’t understand it either, I sat there and pondered as to what was going, it took me a good 30 minutes before I accepted that invite. I got into the group and sat there quietly trying to understand what was going on, I didn’t engage Mr Mutumwa Mawere because I felt just being in the group was enough, I had already bothered him enough. Then on Friday night, someone sent an audio that I thought was worth responding to and I responded passionately about it. The next morning, I woke up with a lot of whatsapps from different people that are very googleable. I engaged with some people outside the platform then on Saturday evening, Mr Mutumwa Mawere invited people for a webinar to come and talk about the group, I thought not to waste people’s time and didn’t engage, but Wellington engaged. Then on Sunday, someone sent a message asking for a meeting and this time Wellington had the courage to stand up and offer to host the meeting, and I decided to be part of the meeting. Then in the meeting Mr Mawere talked about how my tweet had inspired one of his ideas of building communities through connections. He said that he has a lot of followers that he doesn’t know what to do with or how to help them, some of them just fail to engage him, so he doesn’t understand why they are following him. Some send him CVs and he doesn’t know what to do with them. He then challenged me to be the face of the Connections2Communities initiative and asked me to be a representative of this idea as my story gives a true testimony of the concept. That night, I created a group for representatives and I went privately to engage him for the first time, asking him to be part of the group. He agreed and we started engaging privately and in different groups. And my first order of business was ; ok, we need strategy of how to convert these connections to communities so I called a meeting with all these clever ideas. He came there and said (among other things) , “Janet, do not worry about a strategy, just tell your story and you will be amazed. If you can communicate effectively how you became part of community through a connection, everything else will work out”. So I am here to tell my story the best way I know how and (also because he told me to, who am I to argue with a man who started a bank(wink, wink). I am joking, but thats my story.

So this is how his initiative goes;

He has 30 000 connections and 34 000 followers on Linkedin, he wants to create a platform where all these people can meet and interact in the best way that can advance them.

This platform will only accommodate 6 000 people. So an annual member fee of R500 will be required of one.

  1. Your benefits will be dependent on your power to network effectively
  2. 5 minutes of airplay to showcase your talent or your trade for a year on his digital radio platform. This is a weekly allocation for a year, you can donate this to a friend, you can ask your time be used to observe silence over any cause (George Floyd), you can sell the 5 minutes of air play to whoever, your choice
  3. A chance to be mentored by him…from personal experience, he is a hard hitter, he doesn’t play, he wants things done but it has to be your initiative and he constantly provokes you to think, I have never thought as much as I have done in the past few days.

I don’t know much about the digital radio and it would be a lie if i was to say join so that you will be heard via the digital platform. But I believe in the connections to communites initiative, within a few days of knowing him, I have been invited to radio, to some online conference, have a voice actress for my cartoon and above all, I am being mentored by him.

Join the whatsapp group to know more , I just hope I copied the link right.

And when you do get in, have the courtesy to introduce yourself.

4 thoughts on “Converting Connections To Communities

  1. This is really interesting!

    “He said that he has a lot of followers that he doesn’t know what to do with or how to help them, some of them just fail to engage him, so he doesn’t understand why they are following him.” This is a problem many are facing.

    I am interested in knowing more about the solution that you guys came up with. How does one attend the Webinar? I also need to ask more questions RE Digital radio and community building. As someone involved in building community this interests me very much.


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