Rest If You Must………….

I have had a very busy week and I am very very tired. I am really thankful that its Friday. Its quite logical really, when someone came up with the calendar, they slotted the weekend in because they knew that people needed to rest besides the fact that God also told them to put in a day of rest. It was actually an exciting week when one considers, my highlights;

  1. I discovered that I am left brained that means I am methodical, analytical and very mechanical. There is a method to everything that I do and I get irritated when people don’t do things the way I expect. In all that, my husband tells me that he dreams of us having an office where the creatives can relax, drink, braai and swim on a random day. By the time he finished with his description of his ideal office , I was drenched in sweat, my face was dark, mind you, I am naturally a dark person.

2. My daughter was called down for a meal and she said, “Not Again! Its always food, food in this house”. The background to that is that Israela doesn’t like food, she is quite happy to let everyone eat her food and she will not eat food in anyone else’s plate because she feels whats in her plate is too much of a burden as it is. So if you offer her Penny’s leftover food, she will be like, “I finished food in my plate.”

3. Discovered that I have what it takes to continue going long after I have reached my breaking point. One part of me will be calling it quits but the dominant part of me will be telling that part to Zip It. How rude?

4. I am slowly learning how to add value in people’s lives, everyone has a dream and I am willing to hold their hand until they achieve their dream, The analytical, methodical and mechanical part in me makes for quite a good handholder.

5. I discovered that sometimes I just want to write something intelligent and not have to paraphrase it to layman’s language. There is no one who wants to meet people at their level as much as I do, but once, like on a Friday like this, I just want to be. I want to talk about collateralised debt obligation without having to explain what that is, talk about venture capital and actually see a response that someone gets it and talk about the present value of future income and sign off.

I am out.

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