Be a person of value

From the moment we are born, it’s a race, it’s a race in this game called Survival of the Fittest. Have you ever noticed how parents are always bragging, “My baby is the smartest baby in any room”, “ Mine is the best pooper, great digestive system this one”, “Mine can walk upside down”…”Up side down? Really” Obviously not, but parents are excited by the most stupid things. Things get competitive really early and really fast, you had no time to enjoy childhood, in a room full of quiet kids, you had to be the quietest, in a room full of noisy kids, you had to be the loudest, in a room full of naughty kids, you had to be naughtiest….yes, parents might not agree but as a parent, I have often seen parents getting chaffed when someone says, “Your child is quite naughty hey” then with a smirk the parent goes, “He surely is a naughty boy”. I hate to admit it, in this conversation I was actually quite miffed that my child had turned into a wallpaper when it had mattered. Even considered transferring my daughter, did not understand why I was paying them money if they were failing to turn her into a little bit of a naughty girl.

That story aside we are taught to be competitive, whatever ambitions we have, society has programmed us to aim for the summit and nothing else is good enough but the summit. There is a popular quote that goes:

“Always aim for the moon, if you fall, you will be among the stars”


Now imagine a global population of 7.8 billion all aiming for the moon, in their respective fields. These are their goals and aspirations and they need to achieve them with top marks. Why not be that person who helps people achieve their dreams. Stop focusing too much on the skills that you acquired but what the skills can do to help you create value in people or in their business. Don’t be a liability, no one likes to pay their liabilities but we all love to pay for value addition.

May years ago someone told me that if you want to make money, identify a problem in your sphere of influence and find a solution for the problem. You have added value to a people and they will pay for this value. But if you don’t add value, it’s always a matter of time before that company lets you go or that friendship disappears. So in whatever you do or any situation, always ask yourself:

1. Am I adding value to this business, relationship, friendship?

2. How can I add value to this situation?

Once you have the answers, you might find your actual value in the dollars and cents.

Be a person who adds value.

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