5 Online Jobs Being Created by Canva

Never has there been a demand for online jobs such as these Coronavirus times. We all know that sooner or later, this Coronavirus pandemic will go away but it has changed the way work is being done. It has redefined the workplace, has given a different meaning to the word “office”. The office doesn’t mean a formal room, in some building written the company name at the front. An office is now a quiet place, where there is your cellphone, a laptop and internet. Even the laggards are now convinced that this is a system that can possibly work if a satisfactory compensation system can be organised, Theory X employees can’t be forgotten, we need them after all.

However, with the sharp spike that will most likely occur for online jobs, a lot of traditional people may be found wanting. The digital world is here and whether the traditional people get on board now or later, they will still need to get onboard. Canva is prepared for these people, and they won’t even need university degrees, if one takes their time and try to understand Canva, it is very easy to learn.

Social Media Manager

A Social Media manager is a juggler of all things social for a company or a person. They deal with the community of followers for the brand or the company, this can be on whatsapp, email, pinterest, Facebook or twitter. They are the face of the company on twitter. Canva helps a social media manager to create all the content required to do their job. Communication skills and creativeness are necessary skills but canva makes it easier with its canvases.

Source http://www.canva.com

Website Designers

Canva sells Website Canva templates, upon buying your Canva template, you customise it and embed it to an actual website and voila…you have a website. This makes for easier website creation and any clever person without much skill but knows their way around the computer can be taught to do this. It currently costs US$150 in Zimbabwe to get a website created, with Canva you can buy your template at $5, you customise it yourself and then buy a custom domain at $4 and for a total price of $10 you are up and running. Cherry on top, you can offer this service to other people for $50 per person, pocketing $40.

Graphic Designers

This is a person who creates the visual aspects of marketing, they generally have a good eye for art, arrangement, colour coordination or how colours should work. Canva with its 50 000+ templates makes for less strenuous tasks but meets one halfway with its well-done designs. Remember the flyers, magazines, you are always paying someone a ton of money to do, you can do these for yourself via Canva

Virtual Assistant

All the Virtual Assistant jobs I have come across online require a person who is technologically savvy and there is no app that makes technologically savvy individuals faster than Canva. It combines things that basic phone people are used to with other new skills in the easiest way possible. Their tutorial section is also there to be lapped up by the very curious student.

Online Tutor

Canva has an awesome portfolio of tutorial templates for the committed. It has animated presentations, video presentation templates and planners, all these make for easier education dissemination. An online tutor who is willing to stand out should be willing to spend a bit of time learning how to use Canva.

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