10 Websites to explore for extra income

My kids are Youtube Junkies! I think I can sing the Baby Shark song backwards, Wheels on the bus in my dreams and sometimes I wake up singing Baa Baa Black sheep. That speaks volumes for how long and how often I listen to them. I would not be surprised to know that my household contributes so much to the Youtube income that Youtube might start considering giving us some shares. Now imagine my disappointment when I came across an advert that ran for 5 minutes in which the guy was saying that he has found a great way of making money online without being a youtuber, an influencer, etc, but he just didn’t say what the program was or does. I understand he was trying to pique my interest, but hey…not via a 5 minutes video where you just don’t tell me what I should be interested in.

Courtesy of Canva

First thing on my radar, scam alert. He wants to take this private so that he can scam me in private. Second thing, there is nothing new that he wants to disburse out cause if there was, he would have said what it was and then we would follow him privately to get more information. The long and short of it is that, I am on high alert for scammers, scam website, scam emails and generally everything scam. Also, if you really have a way to make me rich, tell me what it is and then let me come to you to delve deeper into it.

Without wasting too much of your time, below are my top 10 websites to register for extra income that have been researched and scam free, please click to see what the world has in store for you.

1. freelancer.com/ for any kind of job, project managers, content creators, translators, traffic generators

2. Amazon..for virtual assistants, sales person..

3. Upwork for Project Managers, Accountants, Administration , content creators, social media

4. Fiverr for translators, content creators, web designers,

5.FindDreamJobs….social media, content creators, web designinging

6. Flexjobs…any job

7. oDesk…big database…you can post and look for jobs as well

8. Guru.com…big database, you can post and look for jobs as well…any job

9. Sologig for IT and Engineering jobs

10. Gumtree.com for marketing, content creators and traffic generators

One thing you are going to realise as you foray into the Work-From-Home territory is that there is a rise for jobs that require the understanding of social media. If you have ways of generating traffic to yourself and are some kind of influencer then chances are high that you can easily find a job. A lot of these jobs don’t need any qualifications, they need you to understand google, how google bots work (search engine optimisation) and thus drive traffic. In a world where content is the product, that ultimately makes you king.

Do tell me how your search goes.

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