My 3 Best Tools for an efficient office

Genius Sign

When you are starting out in business, the number one concern is how to keep afloat when the times are still tough. Also, for established companies, there are constant worries about costs and how to keep them low. I am here to show you a few apps that can save you money, organise you better and lead you to a paperless office lifestyle. Imagine the conversation below;

“Menina, may I please have the sales report for the last quarter”

“Senhora, I will bring it right up after after I come back from the file room”

Do you think this is a conversation that should be happening in 2020?

I am glad you don’t think so as well as the idea is so archaic, it needs to be studied.

Genius Scan

I have never used a more efficient App than Genius Scan, it can scan a batch of papers in a small space of time. Other than scanning, it goes on to rearrange your pdf documents into the order that you wish. If you have physical bank statements, physical documents sent by overzealous clients, you can easily turn your physical copies into e-copies in record time without sacrificing the integrity of your paperless office lifestyle. The icing on the cake, you can download this app to your phone or tablet, boom…the cost of a scanner is gone. There is no more need for the back and forth of being sent documents that are unclear and unrecognisable when you can scan the document with your phone at the point of contact.

Genius Sign

This app goes one better on the Genius Scan, it allows all the documents that you receive to be signable. For those persky documents that need a signature for each and every page, Genius Sign is the answer, it copies the signature onto various pages and its electronic signature is generally well recognised by the business community as legit. And again, you can download it on your phone. And the cost of printer is dropped for documents that need signing.


My list would not be complete if I did not mention DropBox. Dropbox is the boss when it comes to efiling, I love love love Dropbox. With Dropbox, I am not location dependent, I am wifi dependent, whenever you save your documents on Dropbox, you can always pick it up on another device, as long as there is internet. And you can send documents whilst on the road, in a fuel queue or from the stadium. File room rent dropped.

I think my job is done for today, I have saved you rent money for file cabinets, money to buy a printer and money to buy a scan.

Mike Drop!

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