Are you limiting yourself by not dreaming big enough?

It is very unfortunate that in Africa, we don’t dream big enough. We are a people that are so used to receiving that we expect more than what we give back. We expect UN, WHO, developed countries to give us something…and in turn the people expect the government to do something for them. Then the poorer relatives expect something from the rich, so in the end its a merry go round of poverty. It is very very hard for us to leave poverty.

Courtesy of Google, free licence

But why is it it like this? One might ask.

Dreaming big is something we were never taught, something we don’t imagine and something that will take us time to learn. Looking at my country’s history for example, the white Zimbabweans had and still have fatter pockets than the black Zimbabweans and you find that even their kids go on to have fatter pockets. The reason why it is like that is very simple, the white people teach their kids to dream as much as they want and they can have anything that they want. Then, on the other side, our school system teaches us the limiting beliefs that we can only have as much as our schooling system can allow us.

We are a society that is very quick to write off an O’ and A’ level learner who didn’t further their education to degree level. We are also quick to write off teachers and nurses as people that will never amount to much more than what their government salaries can afford them. We won’t even dare to discuss the school drop outs, those are the unmentionables, we don’t look at such, we don’t want their opinions and we feel they have nothing to offer to contribute to society. Unfortunately, all this won’t work if Zimbabwe is to grow as a country, if Africa is to be removed from the “shitty” continent list.

Our country needs dreamers. It needs people that dream of rivalling giants. It needs people that believe in finding ways to bring the moon down here instead of finding ways to get to the moon. It needs new dreams, dreams customised to address the African problems. We have long been sold the rhetoric that dreams come true in developed countries, but is that really true? At what expense and at whose expense?

I wrote with a country and continent wide perspective but when you look at it closely, all this boils down to the individual. Most of the brain drain happening here, is because the individual is just thinking “I want security for my kids? “I want to put food on the table for my kids” “i want private schools for my kids”…but does anyone realise how small these dreams are. This brain is not thinking I want to leave a Rockerfeller kind of legacy for my kids, I want to put food on everyone’s table in Zimbabwe, I want to build the private schools, I want to change the landscape of Zimbabwe. The one other thing we are good at is side hustling, we are not willing to sacrifice our jobs for a bigger goal, we just want enough to survive, we want to stay on the fence. But hey, no new paths were ever created by the person who stayed on the fence.

WE NEED TO THINK BIGGER. I am talking about Rivalling Giants Big….. Rockefeller Big…………… JP Morgan Big……………. Henry Ford Big…..are you getting my drift. That way we can change our lives and transform the lives of many around us.

Whats your big idea?

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