20 Online Side Hustle Ideas for an extra income

For an economy that is in the dumps like ours, side hustling is the order of the day. We have a billion Facebook business groups, a gazillion whatsapp business groups and bazillion small companies. I would not be shocked to find out that company registration is a big earner for the government of Zimbabwe, because that’s how we do things in Zimbabwe, we register companies but sadly, we either don’t make enough money to pay taxes or we just evade the taxes. How else would we have such a broke government.

Side hustling doesn’t always have to involve backbreaking work and be constrained by space. Smart side hustling involves you, your computer, internet and your customers that are world over. Anyway, if you are not side hustling and you don’t know what to get into, please consider some of the ideas below;

  1. List your profession on Upwork.com
  2. List yourself on freelancer.com
  3. List yourself on Fiverr.com
  4. Write for Medium.com
  5. Writing jobs on Problogger.com
  6. Sell your awesome photographs online via Foap
  7. Teach English online
  8. Create and sell courses on Udemy
  9. Website designing
  10. Broadcast podcasts
  11. Hosting people via AirBnB
  12. Sell goods via eBay or Amazon
  13. Open an online store via Shopify
  14. Affiliate Marketing
  15. Blogging and add adverts or sell products
  16. Write and sell an eBook
  17. Sell your apps via Google Playstore or Itunes
  18. Upload videos on Youtube
  19. Facebook…you can get paid by companies to market a product to your huge following
  20. Data Entry

That’s my list of online jobs that you can venture into

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