My 3 Best Apps for a Productive Day

When it comes to my work, I hate clutter. I hate clutter on my desk (physical work space), on my desktop, and in my mailbox. I am that type who has nothing on the desktop because everything is neatly filed in my Dropbox, I can never understand how people work with a desktop that is full of documents, that just disrupts my process. Every few days, I go through my spam and junk folders and clear them, its my process of getting and feeling organised. However, there are other apps that help me organised in my actual work and I would like to share them with you.

  1. DailyNotes

This app was created with journaling in mind, nothing is ever lost in the intricacies of your mind. Its a diary of diaries… you can add your daily journal, your gratitude diary, your work diary, your projects diary, your anything you can think of diary. Its easy to use and you can dump any thought that comes to mind as and when it happens in this app. This is the first app I open on a work day and the last app I open before sleeping as I reflect on the day and add more stuff for tomorrow. I highly recommend this app

2. AnyDo

With this you can now sift through your thoughts that you would have captured on DailyNotes above, and turn them into actionable time limit tasks. Its a calendar, planner and has reminders and helps you keep tabs on your goals during the day.

3. Insightly

If you have a team, Insightly is one of the best apps to keep tabs on team mates and ensure a productive day. What I find pleasurable about Insightly is that you can add tasks for team mates, send emails from there and get progress updates as the tasks are done. You can import all your contacts to Insightly, follow ups and completion made easier

4. Apple Pencil/ Stylus

This is not an App but it does wanders for people that believe in pen and paper but also accept that it is most likely a dying way. Its a bit scary to think that some twenty years from now, our kids might never be taught to write with a pen, technology and typing will be the only way for our kids to learn. I love the Apple pencil, combined with GoodNotes, this makes it easier to put your thoughts down the good fashioned way, pen to paper but digitally.

Apple Pencil with GoodNotes

I hope your day is improved by some of the apps I have mentioned above.

What tools are you using?

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