20 Productive Things To Do In Your Down Time

I love Pinterest, anytime I have nothing better to do, I go to Pinterest. It is the greatest place to go for your Vision Board, its basically eye candy for tired eyes. When people wake up and go to their social media, be it Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, I wake up and go to Pinterest. I have leant from Pinterest that most people don’t like the rigour of reading through lots of articles looking for answers, but prefer things that are straight to the point. People respond better to lists and before delving deeper into the contents of an article, they should have found something on the list that arrests their attention so that it registers as worth reading. So to make sure I don’t waste anyone’s time today, here is my top 20 productive things to do in your downtime.

  1. Listen to Podcasts…..Mindvalley and The School of Greatness have great content on growth
  2. Journaling…..there are great benefits to journaling, a lot of inspiration happens when you journal and keeps you focused
  3. Work on your vision board….there is power in having your visions on your board, makes you work harder towards achieving your dreams
  4. Create a portfolio of your works…if your works are pictorial, create a portfolio on your phone that you can easily send to potential clients
  5. Go to Canva.com…and play around, its the best website for brandmaking and you can teach yourself a lot of things on it for free
  6. Pinterest.com…you can ask it anything you wish eg tips on running a successful business, great parenting, marketing…you name it.
  7. Make targeted small talk with clients via whatsapp……you are working on their biases…Availability bias….people tend to work with people they know and remember
  8. Youtube….tutorials to develop a money making hobby or a new skill
  9. Running….Great for your physique
  10. Yoga……Awesome for your flexibility
  11. Watch TV shows that teach….my husband loves cooking and he watches a lot of cooking shows for inspiration. I am not a fan for general TV watching as a down time activity.
  12. Create printable magazines for family pictures and print them…..an easy way of storing memories, people can keep magazines for a long time. Use Canva.com to do this
  13. Take a nature walk….nothing keeps you centred and revitalised than a well intended nature walk.
  14. Intentionally play with your kids…..your kids will keep these memories for life
  15. Create your meal plan…have you ever noticed how hard it is to add creating a meal plan on things to do and actually doing it. At least in my diary, it has a tendency of not being prioritised at all.
  16. Pamper yourself….a well groomed you, has less worries during the week and more focus on the work
  17. Organise your contacts….if you haven’t talked to someone in five years and you know they don’t add value to your life, time to delete them from your phone and your life
  18. Cook large quantities for the week….having a few meals already cooked, makes meal times easier and frees you up for some needed work time
  19. Work on your hobby…I find this to be theraupetic, be it knitting, baking, sewing or tending the garden, I find myself doing deep introspections without much prompting
  20. Sleep….there is nothing that resets the mind or revitalises the body than a power nap. Key word, power nap.

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