Inspiration I Got From Raymond Aaron

Every few days, Raymond Aaron pops into my inbox to say, “Hi, don’t forget me.” I first met Raymond Aaron a few years back at a Summit that was held in Johannesburg. This Summit had big names such as Jordan Belfort, J T Foxx, Dr John Demartini, Steve Wozniak to name but a few that were at this event. Jordan Belfort largely talked about his awesomeness at persuarsion and to use his own words, “he can sell ice to Eskimos” (assumption is that everyone knows the story of The Wolf of Wall Street). Steve Wozniak talked about Apple and how they started Apple with Steve Jobs. J T Foxx largely talked bout getting mileage from knowing the right people and he had the photos to prove it….he showed us his photos with Donald Jr, the son to The Donald, photos with Steve Wozniack, photos with Richard Branson, etc. He even told us that he had brought Steve Wozniak, whom he endearingly called Woz and he was the one who interviewed him on stage. He kind of leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth from his underdogging world leaders to get ahead. Classic nepotism. He even had the audacity to sell picture opportunities with Steve Wozniak because according to him, correct pictures with the right people give you mileage in business.

To get the story back to Raymond Araron, he sent me an email talking about the Virtual Business Prosper Summit 2 happening on the 30th of May 2020. The reason he stood out in my mind was that his advice was just so out of the box that I felt conned. His advice was that, if you want to be a success write a book. This is a success summit, you are trying to find inspiration to get to the next level, you are trying to find what different thing you can do to move from that point to the six figures and this guy comes on stage and says, “‘write a book”. I left the summit feeling cheated because to me, how was that a formula for success.

Interestingly though, it got me thinking about writing a book, its something I had never thought of, had never ever seen myself as an author but after the summit, my subconscience had been activated. This kept with me until the year 2019 when I eventually sat down, wrote a book and set about publishing it. A good 5 years later, Raymond Aaron got me going somewhere.

Am I a success yet? No… But the first part has been done.

What is it that you were inspired subconsciously that only manifested many years later?

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