Top 5 Questions To Put Things Into Perspective in Covid-19 Times

I love Sundays, they are dull and boring, And that’s just how I like them. I don’t expect anything epic to happen on a Sunday, neither do I want anything dramatic on a Sunday. It is absolutely the worst day to get into a confrontation with me, because if you are looking for some kind of excitement by confronting me, you will be sadly disappointed, I just don’t indulge you. Its a Sunday, for christsake, I have been busy the whole week, then have to do something fun with the kids on Saturday, Sunday…is my day off. Its the day my kids get a wide berth. I groom myself, I meditate, I do yoga, I sleep in the afternoon, I regenerate on Sundays. All the while, thinking, strategising for the week ahead. Lately, due to Covid 19, these are the questions that I have been asking myself.

  1. What if this was the end of life as we know it?

Before you get all excited thinking that I am talking about apocalypse. I am not. My question is, what if this was the end of our carefree lives we were used to. Getting together for family parties, going for group outings, concerts, live bands, visiting and spending time with grand parents. What if this was the end of that, what would you regret? What would you want to change going forward.

2. Would we be happy humans in this remote world?

I have heard that the well adjusted people have started attending parties online, heard a story about a party that was attended by Michelle Obama. Pretty Cool right! Gymn teachers are helping their neighbours stay in shape from their balconies. Thumps Up! Talk show hosts doing online interviews! Netflix recording its highest subscriptions to date due to the pandemic. I am sure Facebook is doing cartwheels. Could we actually be happy people, spending time indoors, watching TV into oblivion, facebooking until dawn and no reason to dress up whatsoever? I wander.

3.Could Maslow have been wrong?

Maslow’s hierachy of needs state that belongingness and love are basic needs for humans. We all want to be loved, I am sure a research on the most popular searches on the internet would have to be on love and its the most written about topic. People search on things on how to keep him/her, how to be a loving wife/husband, how to avoid divorce, then the dating apps, etc…the list is endless. Belonging, we all want to belong somewhere or to someone, how would we adjust to this in this self imposed isolation. What’s the way forward for single people?

4. What if I was to wake up with the critical Covid 19 tomorrow?

Would I be happy with what I have achieved in life so far? Have I done enough to live an imprint of myself so that I don’t just go to dust and be a forgotten memory in 5 days. Am I living my best life? Is there anything I would want to change? Ask yourself.

5. What is Covid 19 teaching us?

Is it possible that this is supposed to be a moment of reflection for all human beings? Big question, are we doing enough of loving each other to need a stay away from your loved ones wake up call? Are we teaching our kids enough about the importance of other humans, interdependence, caring for each other? Are we doing enough to achieve our dreams?

These are my questions. What do you think?

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