The Book That Can Change Your Child’s Future

I am a mother to two girls, one is two and one is four. They are a delightfully hectic bunch but I love them to bits. So when you are a mother, you are constantly worried about your responsibilities. The number 1 worry is “I am raising the future game changers, am I equipping them the right way so that they will be able to take their rightful place in society when the time comes? Am I doing everything right?”

Discovered lately that there is no perfect way to raise the next generation as we are human, who have to deal with other little humans. And whenever humans interact, there is nothing called perfect, as we are all prone to biases big or small. Parents..overconfidence and self attribution bias….children…”I want everything” bias. Thus, there is always room for conflict. However, the greatest thing about the little children’s minds is that we can socially condition them through interaction with books and television etc…case in point, Peppa Pig has brought amazing diction to my children’s verbal skills. Love it and would highly recommend.

Being the great mother that I am, I thought of the most important lesson that I could give my children. Something that they will always have. I decided to write a book on Finance. And what better and fun way for them to learn than to make it all colourful and adventurous. Behold Izzy and Penny Meet Mrs Money

I dedicate this book to my children, Izzy and Penny. I feel the greatest legacy I can give them is the correct money education young. This is the first book of a seven part series, The Adventures of Izzy and Penny.

Please buy using the link above and read to your children. The child will enjoy the story and the amazing pictures while getting invaluable lessons about money.

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