The Number 1 Habit That Can Change Your Life

Many years back when I was at a crossroads, whether to work or go back to school, I met a man called Anthony Robbins. This was a very difficult time for me as I had just graduated from college, all my smart classmates seemed to know what they were doing, they were just progressing gracefully in life, to the next stage of their careers. They were getting professional courses, they were getting promoted and they had big plans. (They still do actually). I was nowhere, I was in this dead-end job that I absolutely hated, I would set my alarm four times at 4am, at 5am, at 5.30am and at 6am. All this in order to just psyche myself up for the day. Even when I would eventually wake up at 6am, I just couldn’t jump into the shower and prepare for work, I needed an extra 30 minutes for a jog to mentally prepare myself. I absolutely hated my job. Then one day, something happened that made me question my mortality, on that very day I made a list of things that I wanted to achieve in my life and the first thing I needed to do was to quit my job. I quit the very next day, I was done. And the freedom I felt…….

Now the problem came, I knew I didn’t want to follow the path I had originally carved for myself, I had tried a few other things and I had failed. I then applied to some university to go and do some Masters degree that I can’t even remember anymore. Luckily enough that’s when I met Anthony Robbins. Before your drool drops to the floor, I unfortunately, didn’t meet him physically, I met him in his book called The Giant Within. This to date has been the most profound book I have read. Its a very thick book, and has a lot of interesting insights but the number one thing that I took away and that has been my guiding principle since then, is this (drumroll please)….

“Do one thing everyday that gets you to the future you envision”

Anthony Robbins

The fact of life is that we all have aspirations and on the 1st of January every year, we all review (by all….I am referring to the type of people who would read this article). After that yearly review, we forget about our dreams and aspirations. However, Anthony Robbins starts with the same baseline, put all the dreams on a vision board and once its there, then everyday, you need to do one thing that gets you there. If your dream is to be the CEO of the company that you are working for, then everyday just spend an hour learning what a CEO would do, something outside of you just working hard at your daily job. If you plan to live in a big mansion someday, take the necessary actions that get you there, what are you doing everyday to increase your income, to get you the mansion you wish for someday. If we are not taking this action daily, then all it is, is a vision board for aesthetics.

I once came across a theory that says, world leaders read up to 50 books a year. I thought all this is wonderful but where do you get time to read 50 books, still do the work that you need to do and then get an hour or two to do the action that leads you to your dream life. I guess that’s why they are are called World Leaders, but until we get there, how about you and I we do the one action that gets us to the future that we want on a daily basis.

What do you envision for yourself, are you doing one thing to get to the future that you want?

PS: John Grisham, before he was John Grisham, The Author, when he was just a lawyer, he used to wake up everyday and write for an hour daily, thus John Grisham, The Author was born. And now, he is worth a gazillion dollars and at the top of the pyramid.

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