5 Hobbies That Can Save You Money

Sometimes we take our hobbies for granted and as we get busier and busier we kind of put them on the backburner until they are completely forgotten. But hey, whilst you are too busy working trying to earn more money, why not work less, save yourself some money and your sanity by going back to your hobbies or getting some new ones. Below are the easiest five I could come up with;

1. “Whatsapping”

In Zimbabwe, a lot of people use whatsapp for business, it is the best and fastest way to release information. Smart people are using this love for whatsapp to make money by getting into as many groups as possible and then they advertise businesses for other people, for a small amount of money. Not a bad way to spend your time on whatsapp rather than just sharing jokes all day long.

2. Gardening

My mother told me that you should never eat without a vegetable and I am sure I am not the only one who was given that advice. Sadly, I am a good girl and I have been following this advise for a very long time at the expense of my hard earned money until I moved to a place that had some space for gardening. I got overzealous fast and planted every kind of vegetable I liked. Started enjoying fresher vegetables at very little cost and at no cost to my sanity. Save yourself some money, plant a garden

3. Baking

Bread is a family favourite at my house, its not breakfast without good old bread. Its a necessity but a loaf comes with a daily cost of at least $1 per day. Now imagine you get into the hobby of baking bread for your family. Ingredients to make bread and scones for five days cost about $2.50 to $3…this $2 saving is something especially when multiplied

4. Running Outdoors

Those gym subscriptions add up. The saddest thing about a gym membership is that you usually join beginning of the year, that’s when they hook you in, when they know you are pumped up from your last year’s failures that you want to turn into successes. Your goal was to be 15kgs lighter and by end of year you were 15kgs heavier, so 1 January, this is it, you are going to do it now. Come 31 April, you are sick and tired of waking up at 5am to go to the gym, we won’t even talk about the winter months and we know that’s the end of it. Why not bother with a gym membership and run outdoors instead, it saves you money, achieves the same fitness goals and doesn’t have the same rigorous schedule as gym membership. Is it me or a gym membership comes with mental timetables that you have to stick to and a lot of self imposed restraints. Ah, I just can’t deal. Running outdoors, I feel free and don’t have to check how fast the person next to me on the treadmill is doing.

5. Knitting

Its a great idea to buy scarves and hats for your family but why not, for one season you knit them hats and scarves. It will not only save you money but they will treasure the hats and scarves more because of the effort they will know you will have put into the act (also, we know you will always remind them about it). Other great benefit to knitting, its theraupetic.

2 thoughts on “5 Hobbies That Can Save You Money

  1. Such a wonderful post. I wish more people read this.
    I love going on walks/hikes in nature which keeps me healthy physically and mentally 🙂


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