5 Things I am grateful for in this Lockdown

We go through life like zombies, each day gels into the next and the next and before we know it, a year has gone by. We have no idea what happened to time, we can’t account for it, other than the paychecks that we remember having gotten on some particular days during the year and a few things we remember buying. And then, on the 31st of December, just one day out of the 365 days that we had to enjoy the year, we sit down to reflect as to what happened. Isn’t that very sad?

Then the Coronavirus came, the scourge of earth, who could have imagined that someday the employer would say “As much as I don’t trust you employees, I am going to be forced to trust that you will do a good job, very far from me.” Ha, I never thought that day would come, even WHO (World Health Organisation) could never have thought of that. But the day came and we were told to do everything we need done from home. And on that day, everything came into perspective…the good and the ugly in our lives. Luckily, I am here to discuss the good, though I have heard domestic violence statistics have increased since the lockdown started. Here goes my list of things I am grateful for;

1.Putting things into perspective

The coronavirus made me sit down and revisit my life, that’s after I had netflixed myself into oblivion, baked and stuffed my kids into chubby babies and knitted my hands numb. Eventually, I had to sit down and take stock of my life. What is it that I have been putting off? What is it that needs to be done? What do i need to change about my life?

2. Time

I absolutely love the time that I have on my hands now. I am a home working mum of a 2 year and 4 year old, which means normally I never even know what happened to my day, between working and the kids, its just hectic. With the lockdown, more people are at home, meaning there is now an equitable distribution of labour, I actually get a few hours to myself. I absolutely love it.

3. Enjoying my kids

A normal school day doesn’t leave room for anything fun, its just one programmed activity after another, before you know it the day is gone and the next appears. No fun! In this lockdown, I have built forts more times than I can count, I think I am now an expert, there is nowhere I can’t build a fort, be it the lounge, clothes line or balcony, I can always find an angle that will make for a sturdy fort. I have never made as much tea parties or attended kids tea parties as I have in this season. I have been told, “Why aren’t you cooking, you are supposed to be cooking for us?” by a 2 year old, being reminded I am having too much fun.

4. Today

Never has this statement been truer than in these times. There is nothing like a pandemic to make you appreciate the present. You look at the coronavirus world statistics, never has there been a time when death has been put in our faces as these times. And there is absolutely nothing that makes you want to live more than death, you want to feel alive, you want to do things that matter, you want to do more for fellow human beings, you want to live a life where you have no regrets. So grateful that I am waking up earlier and earlier to extend my present.

5. Hope

There is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of people are losing jobs, people have no savings, no money for food and missing loved ones that are faraway. Then there are some suffering from the Coronavirus in their hospital beds by themselves with no one visiting, then there are some that are in lockdown by themselves and are afraid to let the loneliness and depression creep in. These are depressing times, but in all this, there is hope. There is hope that tomorrow will be a better day, there is hope that makes homeschooling worth it because we do know, this too will either pass or we will find a way to live around it. Hope is the last thing we will ever lose and I absolutely love that about humanity.

What are you grateful in this Coronavirus season?

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