7 Ways of Making Money During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic is something that no-one expected. Except for doomsday preachers, we all expected 2020 to go without a glitch, this was the year that was going to lead us to our financial freedom, the year we were going to earn millions, the year we were going to get the big jobs, the year that we were going to stick it to all those that said we couldn’t do it. 2020 was everyone’s year of doing big things and then the coronavirus with its lockdowns came……and everything ground to a halt.

I am writing from Zimbabwe and we have been in lockdown for 7 weeks already, we recently got informed that the lockdown that started out as a three weeks lockdown, has been extended indefinitely. This screamed one thing to me….no incomes for the greater majority of this country, only 25% of the labour force is in formal employment, 75% are in the informal sector…..they are hustling. So the question is, what to do to earn money during these tough times. Below is my humble list;

1.Grocery delivery

A lot of families get money from their relatives in the diaspora. In this time of coronavirus, the diasporans are at the point where they are preferring to send their families grocery packages instead of just money. Its a great time to jump into the bandwagon and deliver these groceries and earn a little money for yourself in the process

2.Online Academic Tutoring

If you are proficient in a particular skill, never has there been a greater time to put your name out there and make money. There is a high demand for tutors at the moment, with the children in lockdown but the need to engage their minds academically still very high out there, tutoring is a good way of making money. We are not yet in meltddown, where there is no cure for the virus and there is no more need for schooling (my imagination runs away with me).

3.Winter Clothes Making

Our main supplier of clothing is South Africa and its borders are currently closed for us Zimbabweans. And sadly, lockdown started before the winter clothes were in the shops, thus we were locked down without any clothing for the winter. Most affected children that are getting bigger, adults can get by. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, I am in a quandary and am very willing to pay anyone who can make me some good winter clothing for my kids. And I can bet you, I am not the only one. So get your machine out and start sewing.

4.Teach Remote Working Tools

Zimbabweans are a proud lot, we pride ourselves in our high levels of education and our work ethic, we see ourselves as the brainacs of the southern region. Is this true? Don’t know, but that’s how we see ourselves. Sadly, this applies when we are in our office environments with desks and chairs about, bosses milling in the background and work internet. When these have been removed from the equation, we feel naked, we are exposed….we haven’t mastered the art of working from home, a few of us have invested in unlimited broadband (we rely on the work internet) and we feel lost without bosses and the bosses feel lost without anyone to boss around. Remote working tutors there is a gap that you can fill right now.

5.Write an Ebook

That book that has been on your to do lists since 2001, remember it. This is the perfect time to write it and earn money. Time is in abundance and you need the money. You might just as well have fun writing it now, after this, you will never have an excuse of why you didn’t write your book. And guess what, you might actually earn money from the book sales. No better time than now.


Does this fall under winter clothes making? Possibly, but i thought it needed a stand of its own. A greater majority of the informal sectors are the uneducated, old women that can knit but had since gone out of that business because there was no demand. At this present moment, if you can knit or crochet a jersey, a hat, a scarf…its a great time to get those knitting needles and crochet hooks out…get working and earn money whilst you are at it.

7.Teaching hobbies

Since the beginning of the lockdown, I have netflixed until I got tired, I have caught up on all my favourite korean films, I have gone on to research the actors on the internet and I have pinterested to my heart’s content. But I am running out of things to do now. I have even started studying again (can you handle?)…..case in point, I would really like to either start new hobbies or develop the ones that I already have. So if you have an interesting hobby that you are good at, baking, knitting, amigurumi making…this is a great time for you to create tutorials and get online

Lets catch up tomorrow with ways of saving money…

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