Make Up Your Mind

I used to read a lot of motivational books until I got to the point where I felt that as much as reading motivational books was good for me, it was never going to achieve my goals for me. Most of these books have great advice on how to succeed but at the end of the day, they can never get you to succeed without making up your mind to propel yourself. In my usual quest to inspire myself recently, l came across a lot of articles that tell you that successful people have a habit of reading. Upon closer introspection, I realised that I haven’t been reading much lately. Therefore, I needed to go back to reading motivational books because in my mind, I thought there is no way, that these very successful experts on Success can be talking about novels.

No one can believe in you enough to achieve your dreams, you have to do it

3 days back, I went into our very extensive library of unread motivational books and picked up a book that had great reviews on the advice on Success. By the time I slept on the 1st night, I was enthralled and felt very stupid for not having been reading these books for so long. In my mind, I thought what a brilliant writer, great advice, I even sat my husband on a 30 minute discussion telling him about the brilliance of the book and how stupid I felt that I haven’t been utilizing our library. All this came about after I read a chapter about turning your vision thermostat. To summarise, the chapter says no-one can ever achieve the success that they are meant to have without believing in themselves no matter how much other people believe in them, whether it’s a wife, a success guru, parents or whoever, it has to start from within. I agree with this topic and I do believe that you can never climb to any great heights if you don’t see yourself there, you have to believe it. Yes, there is a lot of yaddah, yaddah about the journey to the top, how difficult it is but worth it, yah yah, we have heard all that and its all true but fact, you have to believe and see yourself there to get there.

2 days back, went back to the book on a high and was expecting some more wise tips from this wise success guru. I won’t lie, it was alright but it wasn’t as good as the first day but I trudged on, obviously more was coming, I just hadn’t gotten to it yet. Yesterday, took my book and decided to continue on my success journey with my author, it was getting hard to read but I still had hope. Until I got to the topic where he talks about helping people and how he established some foundation or such, he started helping people but it hurts to help. Ookay, that’s when I got to the point that this guy as successful as he is, the book is about brushing his ego, beating his own drum and generally a waste of my time so I threw the book down and decided to write a blog instead.

And this is my lesson……

  1. Reading lots of books is very wonderful, and I am sure more than the wise tips, you are taught discipline or something like that but I think for me, reading books everyday is not going to be my way…at least motivational books. I feel there is too much rhetoric and there is nothing really new in a lot of them.
  2. When you read their books, you are making their dreams come true…that someone will read their books….whilst your dream is wasting away. Time is money and reading some of these books is a lot of money…explicitly and implicitly.
  3. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND….everyone has theories on how to succeed and if you try to follow them, that’s a lot of time as well. Decide for yourself what will get you to where you need to go. A genuinely brilliant book by Anthony Robbins says that do one thing on a daily basis that leads you to the success that you envision. Sad to say, I recently found out, Stephen Covey also says the same thing.

I am going to stick to my daily dose of Portuguese lessons on Duolingo, my excel training on and I will go back to text books for real qualifications. Successful people who read books everyday, I salute you but hey, to each their own.

Note to self: One success habit I am not taking up


2 thoughts on “Make Up Your Mind

  1. i became reliant on books to bring me enlightenment, browsing the library made me wonder if these authors made a decent living, or if my future books would ever appear on shelves. your advice is truly helpful, i realised that i have to actively get things done. i’m glad that i’m not alone on this perspective.

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