Lessons From A Bitcoin Evangelist

Hey, I am back. I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to do much on the blog of late. A lot has been happening in my life. In between preparing and writing the CFA level 2 exam, waiting for exam results, passing it and then plunging into wedding preparations. Oh yes, I recently got married to a wonderful guy and he is also a blogger, a bit more intense than me and discusses serious issues like World Peace and analyzes the Political Systems of the World etc, he is pretty cool,  you can find out for yourself on Social Justice.

As is the custom with recently wed couples, a lot of their friends and relatives will visit and spend time with them, we had a very interesting visitor who came to our home. His name is Verengai Mabika and he is a Bitcoin Evangelist, yes, I know most of you are thinking, “What is that?” Let me tell you what I understood about it from my discussions with him in the best layman language I can ever put across. A bitcoin is a clever payment system that mainly operates with the usage of internet and is decentralised in the sense that the other bitcoin owners on the internet regulate its movements from one person to the other. It does not have a central bank to regulate it and a clever automated system generates the new bitcoins that are needed whenever the demand and supply laws are not in balance.

He further went on to explain to me about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin Blockchains and a lot of complicated stuff that I will not bore you with at the moment. A lot of these things were very hard for me to comprehend but what struck me the most about our very intense and intelligent conversation was his belief in his Bitcoin Evangelism and in that moment, I saw someone who was genuinely mining his gold mine. Verengai heard of this concept when he was at a conference in a technologically advanced country and decided to bring that knowledge to Zimbabwe, a technologically disadvantaged country, where the word “Cryptocurrency” had probably never been heard of.

I looked at him and saw a visionary, clearly it does not matter to him whether people are on the same page with him or not, what he knows is that he is onto something and its something big and sooner or later, he is going to revolutionize the way people think and he is going to change the world in the best way that he can.  I salute Verengai Mabika and wish him the best in mining his gold mine. I know that I have not done enough justice to this issue and hope the man himself will be able to further school you on this new internet based concept.

Verengai Mabika has had quite a number of articles written about him on Ashoka, Mandela Washington Fellowship and you can also watch him speak on Managing Critical Internet Resources.

“Veni, Vidi, Vici”


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