Mining Your Gold mine

Think-And-Grow-RichI first got to know John D Rockefeller through a Napoleon Hill book called Think and Grow Rich and the clever man that Napoleon Hill was, he went on to introduce me to Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. All through those pages, I could not believe that I was interacting with these great men and getting a peek at their brains was the icing on the cake, to the extent that when the book came to an end, I felt I still had a hunger to know more about these men. However, this article is not about these great men, its about the writer, Napoleon Hill and the journey he took us on in his bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill wrote this very successful book after having interviewed 500 of the most successful men of that time and got a well rounded view of the things that drive people to succeed. Lucky man, would love to rub shoulders with just 50 of the most successful people

I read this book 16 years ago and there is one quotation that has remained on my mind up to this day, it stuck in my mind and can be said to have influenced some of my decisions in the past few years.

‘More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth’

Napoleon Hill made it very clear in my mind that everything comes from thought and the bigger you can think the better for you. These thoughts should be coupled with a great desire to achieve and the great desire should be backed up by proactiveness. Yes, from a number of authors nowadays, they can get these from the internet, collate the data and come up with a convolutated way of expressing this in their own books and get those books published.


  • In Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill met a boy who had grown to be a powerful man. A true rags to riches story as has it been documented by many, Andrew Carnegie was a true Steel magnate who had a throught of revolutionalising USA through steel
  • Through talking to John D Rockerfeller, Napoleon Hill saw a man who had a firm resolve in his mind to be worth $100 000 and to live up to a 100 years old. The man started a powerful monopoly called Standard Oil and Wikipidea values him at $336 billion in 2007 dollars and he died 3 years short of his 100th birthday
  • In Henry Ford, he found a man who had the big idea of making motor cars that the masses could afford.

All these men mined their gold mines, and got the success they wanted. Its not as easy as the statement sounds, but thinking bigger, smarter and out of the box might get you all the gold that you need.

Are you mining your gold mine? How about you tell me about it


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