Need A Business Idea? Meet Mr Ideas Broker

‘Let me tell you something. There’s no nobility in poverty. I’ve been a poor man, and I’ve been a rich man. And I choose rich every time.’…. The Wolf Of Wall Street was getting more and more thrilling by the minute and I was itching to turn the next page to find out what Jordan Belfort was about to do next. Deep in the fantasy world, I heard a voice floating to me….

”So what do you do?’

I looked up and in a moment, the haze was gone and sitting in a chair next to me was this nicely dressed old looking man with a twinkle in his eye. You know that twinkle that says, ‘I know all your secrets’. Warning signals went off in my mind, danger signals were quickly erected. ‘Dirty old man in the room! Dirty old man in the room!’ The alarm signals screaming so loudly, I was wondering if he could hear my thoughts.Sadly, as much as I tried to disguise the alarm in my voice, I think he saw it and did his best to calm me down and explain what had prompted him to ask such a question. The more he explained to me, the more I was astounded by this man.

IdeasMr X was an Ideas Broker ( yes,  you read right). What an Ideas Broker does is that there is a person called Y with a great idea but no execution plan. Y approaches Mr X with an idea, Mr X sits with you and helps you to come up with a more concrete and rounded idea, he helps you create a business model, connects you to people of financial influence, who hopefully will give you money. After you get the money, he then sits with you again and helps to get your business off the ground, and like any good broker, he gets paid a commission.  And this goes for any business. By the time, he finished explaining to me what he does, I was in awe of this man who can a wear a coat of many colours and still come up on top.

That’s when it suddenly struck me that this was a guy that had gotten burnt out by his boring old job, got up and decided to be a broker of ideas. How many times do you meet people like that in life.  I will never be able to know if Mr X was an expert or not but what I liked about him was that he got an idea and decided to do something about it.  Did not keep in touch with him enough to know if his coffers are now full but he is mining his gold.

Are you mining your gold? Do you know someone who is mining their gold? Tell me more about it.


One thought on “Need A Business Idea? Meet Mr Ideas Broker

  1. i’ve met so many people who have lived over half of the average human lifespan and most people are not content with their careers. this would surprise me because i’ve always aspired to have a sustainable career, specifically in doing what i enjoy. but looking in a broader perspective, it sometimes calms me to think that life has more to offer than a high social status and financial stability. but sometimes, i still worry.


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